La Grande Parete (The Great Wall)


“La Grande Parete” is a great modular iron structure, more or less entirely filled with recycled materials, blended with a transparent resin. It has huge dimensions, 8 m tall x 16 m wide, for a total of 120 m² and thick 30 cm. “La Grande Parete” is located in the Ferentino industrial area (Frosinone), in the square in front of Navarra Inc.. The need for disposal and the increasing waste problem have brought a lot of artists to look for different materials to reuse in their artistic works. Fausto Roma has gone further beyond this using industrial waste like: cans, paper, pieces of metal and cars. He has recycled all this and with his craftsman ability has proved that waste recycle is possible, also in the artistic field, as shown in the realization of “La Grande Parete”, a valuable artifact, a huge sculpture.



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